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Nailing Down the Digital Marketing Techniques

When you have a website and you want to improve its visibility and bring more visitors, thus increasing the sales for your business, it’s important to apply the right digital marketing techniques. We know that you don’t always have money for the most complicated campaigns, but there are some things that you can do without spending too much.

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about advertising a website in such a way that it brings in more and more visitors – using digital technologies, mobile phones, and any other digital medium. It’s about promoting in the online environment for everything that you can think of, from products and services to personal brands.

This umbrella term covers search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content automation, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing and others.

SEO – The Cheapest Way

SEO comes from search engine optimization and it’s about increasing the visibility of the website and improving the ranking in the search engine results. It’s the cheapest way that can bring you more visitors and increased sales. The secret here is to have the right keywords used in your content, and this you can do all by yourself.

There are special tools that you can use to determine the right keywords for your website, and once you know them, you can use them in the content. Creating your own content will let you have something original, without paying a cent for it. Make sure it’s error-free, perfectly written and with relevant information for your visitors.

Videos and Social Media

Something else that comes almost for free is represented by videos. You can make live transmissions and post them on social media profiles – people will follow up and share your content soon enough if you offer them what they’re interested it.

Live videos represent another way to interact with them, as they can post comments and you can answer their questions instantly. It creates a connection and it’s a sure way to keep people following your profile and your website.

On the Budget Digital Marketing Strategies

Using the internet for successfully promoting your business is not just a trend, but it’s a “must”, as everyone who wants to be noticed has at least one website online. There are plenty of things that you can do to increase the visibility of your site, and you certainly know by now about the content, the social media and the SEO – the most powerful triumvirate of the digital marketing.

Most of the time, the prices that a digital marketing company can ask for a specific strategy can be pretty high, but the success is guaranteed. However, if you’re on a budget, there are still some things that you can do to improve your website’s ranking in search engines and increase its visibility.

Flex Targeting on Facebook

This option from Facebook lets you target just those profiles from the social network that match only two or more characteristics – the ones that you have chosen. It’s a very effective way for scaling up significantly the social media campaign, and it’s also extremely cheap compared to other techniques. For example, you can target those profiles that have a pet and do online shopping, users with small children and an SUV and so on – the application lets you browse through different options.

Use Instagram for Ads

As of recently, you don’t need to have an account on Instagram to be able to run ads on it. More importantly, the clicks from the ads can send the users directly to website URLs or landing pages without filtering through the Instagram profiles. Instagram is combined with Facebook, and it offers more than 600 targeting options, while also running the ads via Facebook, and it’s possible to target only those specific groups that fit the profile of your business or company. It’s extremely useful to use both of these options.

Focusing Mobile

If you’re thinking about an ad campaign, you should consider the mobile ads. Not only are these are less expensive, but more and more people use their mobile devices to browse the internet or access the social media networks. You can use Google and Facebook for a start, as these allow you to stretch the budget by setting up just mobile campaigns.

Video Remarketing

The best strategy should be to create your remarketing list by using Google Analytics, and then you should import it into AdWords. As many advertisers use this in reverse, you’ll see that by using the Analytics first, you’ll save some money and the results will be better.

In the end, with these simple strategies, you’ll see that the site will improve and you will have more money in your pocket. However, keep in mind that investing in digital marketing is a continuous necessity.